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Case Study

Mobile ALPR for Law Enforcement – ‘Electronic Blitz’

Region: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Product: VECON-VIS
To solve the problem of unregistered vehicles traveling on Brazilian roads, AVT strategic partner ISES Corp and SERTTEL have developed a cost effective mobile solution that meets the needs of the Sao Paolo Police Traffic Enforcement Authority. The requirements for the project were to be able to setup an ‘Electronic Blitz’ location where vehicles license plate numbers could be checked and compared with the national database of vehicles in real time and issue an infringement notice on the spot for those vehicles that are found to be breaking the law.
Loop Detector is placed close to camera to trigger license plate capture. These two devices are then connected to mobile PC located up to 20 meters away.
When a vehicle enters the ‘checking lane’ – the license plate is captured and compared to the national database of vehicles. An infringement notice is immediately issued if the vehicle is found to be unregistered.
The driver is then issued with the infringement notice.
The ‘Blitz Electronica’ initiative has proven to be a resounding success story, with plans now well underway to deploy more mobile systems nationwide to enforce the road laws in this country.

 Cost effective utilizing off-the-shelf hardware
 Easy setup and operation
 Highly accurate
 Effective utilization of existing human resources