Vehicle Speed Computation Solution

VECON-SPEED is a modern vehicle speed computation system. Developing with AVT’s license plate recognition technology, the system is specially designed to record and compute vehicle’s speed by a point-to-point basis that is pre-defined by the users.

Key Features & Benefits

– Reliable system for vehicle speed computation
– Fully automated system operation without drivers interruptions, traffic and road blocks
– Eliminate on-site manual calculation and human errors of counting
– Multiple lanes computation support
– Provide electronic retrieval and review of vehicle images and records
– Optional advanced features: detect lane-change violations in prohibited zones, e.g. in tunnels, crossroads, etc.
– Help enable remote or live vehicle surveillance on the roads


– Vehicle speed monitoring and surveillance on the streets, roads, highways, and restricted areas
– Traffic law enforcement and speed detection
– Tunnel and crossroad’s traffic management

Technical Requirements

– Industrial Computer
– Trigger System
– Image Capture System

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