Automatic Car Park Management & Security System

VECON-JANITOR System is a specially designed 2-in-1 automatic car park management and security system for managing vehicle traffic and access control in parking facilities. It is widely used by the car park facilities of large private estates, shopping malls and governmental buildings where high degree of security and surveillance is of importance.
Developing with AVT’s VECON Technology, VECON-JANITOR provides real-time capture, recognition and matching of vehicle license plate numbers with authorized vehicles databases for all incoming and outgoing vehicles at gates in the parking facilities. As soon as the VECON-JANITOR confirmed the validity of parking permit, the system automatically opens the barrier at gate to let the authorized vehicle to access or exit, eliminating human operation at gates. Such transaction is recorded and kept in the system for future reference as needed.
VECON-JANITOR realizes 24/7 automated car park operations while optimizing vehicle security management and providing greater cost and operational efficiency for car park management companies.

Key Features & Benefits

– Automatically capture, recognize, and perform matching of vehicle’s license plate number with such relevant information as parking time, date, location, lane number and vehicle image.
– Dual recognition and matching of authorized vehicles’ license plate numbers in 0.5 seconds.
– High accuracy rate of recognition: 95%.
– Eliminate operator on-site by automatically opening the barrier at gate for authorized vehicles’ access and exit
– Audible alarm alert for unauthorized vehicles’ access


Flexible Integration to Other Systems – Optional
VECON-JANITOR can be flexibly integrated with other VECON modules, third-party systems or charging systems as follows:
– VECON-MATCH – Vehicle Identification System
– Vehicle driver recognition system
– Ticketing system
– Octopus/VISA Card systems
– RFID system

Technical Requirements

– Industrial Computer
– Trigger System
– Image Capture System

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