Mobile and Real-time Container Inventory Management System

VECON-MIV is a portable real-time container number recognition system for effective container inventory management for the ports and terminals industries in the world. The system is catered for the operator to easily operate with a touch-screen computer while driving to perform the on-site containers checking in the zones at yards. With the use of an ultrasonic sensor and high-resolution image capture device mounted on the vehicle, VECON-MIV automatically performs real-time capture and recognition of the containers numbers per slot in the selected zones at yards. At the same time, collected data is transferred to the Host/Terminal Operation System (TOS) for real-time verification and update on assigned container slots in the database for efficient container movements and inventory management.

Key Features & Benefits

– Real-time portable container number recognition solution
– High accuracy rate of recognition: 95%
– High image resolution output: 960×1280 pixels
– Fast image capture speed: 2-3 per slot
– Enable wireless remote operation and data transfer to the Host/TOS
– Enhance up-to-date container inventory management
– Minimize misplaced containers by slot or zone


– Container inventory management
– Containers storage & yard planning
– Container movements/logistics within zones

Technical Requirements

– High-resolution Image Capture System
– Ultrasonic Sensor
– Industrial Computer
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