Vehicle Security Solution without National Boundaries

VECON-MATCH is an innovative computer-aid image comparison system for various businesses that require a high degree of security management of vehicles. The system automatically captures, compares, matches with reference, both images of the same vehicle entering and exiting at the premise for legitimate vehicle identity. The system will automatically alert the operator at the exit when a mismatch of vehicle identity is found. Such feature helps to prevent illegal vehicle swaps and provides high degree of security and operational efficiency for the company.

Key Features & Benefits

– Standardized vehicle matching and security application for various countries in the world
– Sophisticated image processing and pattern recognition technology to prevent illegal vehicle swap
– Automatic real-time capturing, recording, and matching a vehicle for same identification at exit
– Audible alarm enabled for mismatch of vehicle identity
– User-friendly operation and maintenance
– Optional integration with AVT’s VECON-VIS, the versatile license plate recognition system for dual security management
– Optional interface to individual Tenant-License-Plate database is available


– Commercial or residential parking facilities
– Authorized or restricted parking zones
– Airport’s depots and car park facilities
– Governmental buildings

Technical Requirements

– Industrial Computer
– Trigger System
– Image Capture System

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