VECON-VIS-PARK is a state-of-art Vehicle Guidance and Searching System for Car Parks which utilizes ANPR cameras to monitor each parking spot.


-Low cost per parking space: VECON-VISPARK-CAM can cover up to 3 parking lots
-Three Level Parking Guidance: Entrance guide, region guide and LED Parking Space indication guide
– Front-end video detection and license plate recognition reduce network burden and enhance the stability of the system
-Real-time status monitoring
-Support hot swap standby: Enhance reliability and stability
-VECON-VISPARK-CAM connected by network simplifies the installation


– Helps car park management to better manage traffic and improve vehicle turn time as well as parking slots utilization   >>> more happy drivers
– Provides real-time images/video of vehicles in parking slots  >>> higher security
– Requires minimal setup procedures compared to other solutions >>> One unit monitors up to 3 parking slots
– Minimize network and server loading >>> improves system stability and cost
– Able to integrate with marketing solutions >>> expands marketing platform!

Searching Kiosk:

– Allow drivers to retrieve the location and real-time information about their parked vehicles
– Map directions to the vehicle will also be displayed
– Various levels of privacy and security to protect sensitive information displayed
– Can be integrated with Marketing and CRM systems

–  Detect, recognize and verify license plate numbers for BOTH moving and stationary vehicles automatically
–  Alphanumeric and non-alphanumeric characters in different languages

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