Jul     Throughput at container port greatly increased
Oct    Re-edit laser movies at home
Feb    License plate and container number recognition technology
Mar    Intelligent Video Image Editing, Classification and Indexing
Apr 17    Criminal Parking Prevention Solution Toll-point violators captured by computer vision
May        VECON: Recognizing Vehicle License Plates and Container Numbers
Jun 2      Academic gains from commercial exposure ,  System ‘reads’ vehicle plates
Jun          Videobook – Retrieve Your Ideal Clippings in No Time
Jul            VECON license plate recognition technology used in traffic survey
Jul 21       System recognizes registration of vehicles and containers
Jul 27       Patent – Image Edge Tool for Popularizing
Aug          Hong Kong’s visionary breakthrough technology
Aug          Hong Kong IT Achievement Award – Asia Vision Technology Limited Excellent Security Capabilities of VECON System
Sep 16      AVT – Received the IT Excellence Award
Oct 3        HK Computer Technology – Reads license plate numbers in only 0.3 seconds.
Nov 19     Asia Vision views future with automated eyes
Nov 30     VECON, The highly accurate and fast alphanumeric and non-alphanumeric number recognition system
Dec 7        The non-stop, 24-hour dedicated OCR system
Mar 2        1st IT Excellence Awards —IT Innovation Silver Award Vehicle and container Number Recognition System-VECON System
1st IT Excellence Awards — IT Innovation Award (special edition)
AVT: the commercial realization of PhD research
May 12      Dr. Lee successfully commercializes PhD research
May 31      Dr. Lee genius and business acumen successfully combined to commercialize and envision the VEON technology
Aug            IT Profile — A Vision for the Future
Aug 26       Success of the university research project — AVT’s Multi-faceted VECON Technology
Sep 20       Speed offenders’ LPNs automatically recorded— The OCR system costs over 0.1 million
The university science professor successfully start his business – succeed by resistance, luck and interest
Nov 11       Non-stop, 24-hour dedicated vehicle recognition plate monitoring – Dr. Lee’s VECON (Specialty)
Apr            “VECON” All-purpose Computer Eyes
May 10      Container Terminal exit efficiency up 58%
Container Terminal (trials) Computer Eyes
May 11      HK Computer Tech — The scientific product heads pier management revolution
May 26      The visual era — All-purpose computer eyes
Jul              Sea-Land Orient Teams with Asia Vision to Automate Terminal Management
Jul 17        Digital eyes for the transportation Industry
Dec            Singapore computer technology comes to Hong Kong — computer vision technology detects stolen vehicles
Jan            CSX gets a clearer view in Hong Kong
Jan 23      OCR Research becomes reality – target HK$ 30 million profit
Mar          The non-stop, 24-hour dedicated OCR system – the intellectual products of Asia Vision
Apr 2       The Customs budgeted over HKD$10 million for the OCR installation at the 3 HK-China borders to speed up efficiency
May         VECON: Accurate and Secure Character Recognition
Jun          Visibility visionaries
Jun 1       Hong Kong made vision technology goes international
Jun 5       Asia Vision Technology becomes listed in Hong Kong Growth Enterprise Market
Jun 19     Computer-reading technology developed in Hong Kong
Jun 8       VECON & CCTV System: The Secure Solution for Traffic Enforcement
Sep 7       Computerised container damage inspection system cuts back on need for manual observations
Oct          VECON-CON Quay Crane Application Unveiled
Mar/Apr VECON’s Electronic Eyes Monitor Cargo and Vehicle Flow
Mar/Apr Seeing is believing
July           The Stories of SME Start-ups – Skills in Finance
Oct            2003 Hong Kong Awards for Industry- Technological Achievement Award
Container – OCR Systems Total peace of mind
Automatic Vehicle Recognition System
August  Excellence of Hong Kong Software Enterprisers 2004– Asia Vision Technology Ltd
April     Cramming more hours into a day
August AVT notches up three container terminal projects
September  Secure the area!
December   New View : Innovative use of ALPR means the technology has a bright future – and not just for road tolling
January  Three go for Asia Vision
December  Shenzhen gives Asia Vision recognition
January   Calculate the risk
June   Eye for accuracy ensures leading edge
Dec 14  Versatile vision
Jan 11   Passion and persistence