Sophisticated Container Number Recognition Solution designed for Modern Container & Terminal Management

VECON-CON is an effective container number recognition solution catered for modern ports and terminal industries in the world. It automatically recognizes and records container ID numbers, chassis numbers and ISO codes of the containers, both fixed and being transported. It facilities and enhances effective management and operations at gate, yard, and loading and unloading zones for quay cranes and spreaders for modern ports and terminals.
VECON-CON can optionally integrated with VECON-VIS, the license plate recognition system for maximum access control and security management.

Key Features & Benefits

– Support recognition of wide range of standard ISO containers :
individual 20, 40, 45, 48 feet long and double 20-foot long
– Real-time automated recognition and verification of container numbers
– High recognition rate of 95% with image processing within 1 second per image


– Toll collection points control for container logistics
– Cargo security at terminals
– Terminal gates control
– Container terminal logistics
– Container inventory management at yards
– Container damage inspection

Technical Requirements

– Image Capture System
– Triggering System
– Industrial Computer

Success Stories

Hong Kong CSX World Terminals successfully deployed VECON-CON to manage the flow of containers and vehicles through its gates, increasing the terminal’s efficiency and security.

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