e-Gate Solutions is a suite of reliable yet cost-effective applications that are catered for port and terminal operators to automate both in-gate and out-gate operations of terminals, it provides:

  • High solution pictures for container damage
  • Container door orientation detection
  • Container number identification
  • IMO label identification
  • Dangerous label identification
  • Payload information detection

 For gate operators, the Solutions dramatically help to reduce manual recording and human errors, enhancing productivity while ensuring smooth and efficient container and truck flows.  For ports and terminals, the Solutions effectively automate and streamline round-the-clock operations of trucks and container logistics, thus enabling overall operational and cost efficiency.

The e-Gate Solutions comprises a suite of cost effective systems that can be operated individually or seamlessly integrated:

  VECON-VIS: Vehicle License Number Recognition System
  VECON-CON: Container Number Recognition System
  VECON-CHASSIS: Chassis Number Recognition System
  VECON-CDI: Container Damage Inspection System
  WIM: Weight-in-motion System for freight vehicles
  eSEAL: Container Seal Recognition System for Customs declaration