Mobile and Real-time LPR System for Road Patrol and Covert Surveillance Operations

SUPER ROBO-EYE is a mobile license plate recognition system that gives greater convenience and flexibility for covert surveillance operations as well as traffic law enforcement on-site. It is a functional-rich system that is catered for various business needs including road patrol, law enforcement, vehicle surveillance and security management for commercial buildings, car park facilities and restricted areas.

Key Features & Benefits

– Cost-effective portable LPR system that requires minimum hardware accessories
– Automated real-time recognition for both moving and stationary vehicles
– Multiple license plates recognitions per second
– Easy setup, no external hardware trigger is required
– Hot list and audible alert enabled
– High degree of scalability, e.g. the more power the CPUs, the faster the images processing speed

Wide Range of Applications

– Road, traffic and highway patrol
– Covert surveillance operations
– Border, roadblock, checkpoint surveillance
– Tracking of a vehicle’s route on road or within zones
– On-site verification of vehicle’s identity, license validation, and parking authorization
– Patrol, security and surveillance of car park facilities and restricted areas
– Prosecution of traffic law violations and offenders

Technical Requirements

[Hardware Set 1]
– Notebook computer
– Digital video camera
[Hardware Set 2]
– Industrial PC or workstation
– CCTV camera
– Monitor

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