VECON Software Development Kit (SDK) Recognition module is the core vehicle plate recognition module (RM) for backend server application
Features :

  • VECON-SDKRM allows users to create custom applications for ultimate flexibility
  • VECON-SDKRM is a protocol by itself, so any programming language can be used for applications
  • Multiple countries plate format
  • Active X or TCP/IP integration

VECON Software Development Kit (SDK)Recognition Module With Built-in Video Trigger Best fit for mobile ANPR application, Car Parking Patrol, Law enforcement

Revolutionary Approach to Traffic Control and Management

VECON-VTR (Video Triggering System and License Plate Recognition) is an advanced video triggering and license plate recognition system that requires no loop detectors to perform real-time detection for vehicle license plate number capture and recognition. It is an innovative yet cost-effective solution for modern intelligent traffic and safety.
For a complete ITS solution, VECON-VTR can be optionally integrated with a wide range of AVT’s VECON products such as VECON-VIS, the sophisticated license plate recognition system, VECON-MATCH, the reliable vehicle identification and security system, and SUPER ROBO-EYE, the mobile and real-time LPR system for road patrol and covert surveillance operations.

Key Features&Benefits

– High quality image captures of vehicles at high speed
– Helps enable traffic monitoring and surveillance
– Provides real-time route tracking of specific vehicles on the road
– No installation of loop detectors required
– Low costs of operation and maintenance


– Road and traffic monitoring and surveillance
– Statistics of vehicles traffic on the road
– Vehicle monitoring and route tracking
– Speeding or stolen vehicle surveillance
– Fleet management

Technical Requirements

– Industrial Computer
– Image Capture System
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