As globalization puts increasing pressure on intelligent transportation, automated applications for traffic management and existing transportation management systems are the key to help enhance overall operational efficiency and productivity while staying competitive amongst others in the sector.

The Total VECON OCR Solutions for Traffic Management comprises a suite of cost effective systems that can be operated individually or seamlessly integrated:

At Toll, Checkpoint and Border

VECON-VIS: Vehicle License Number Recognition System

VECON-TOLL: Vehicle License Number Recognition System for Toll Management and Surveillance

VECON-CHECKPOINT: Vehicle License Number Recognition System for Checkpoint, Highway Management and Surveillance

At Highway

SUPER ROBO-EYE: Portable and Real-time LPR System for Road Patrol and Covert Surveillance Operations

MOBILE POLICE: Portable and Radar-enabled System for Speeding Vehicle Surveillance

VECON-ITS: Intelligent Traffic Management Solution

VECON-SPEED: Vehicle Speed Computation Solution

At Car Park

VECON-JANITOR: Automatic Car Park Management & Security System

VECON-MATCH: Vehicle Profile and License Plate Number Matching System

VECON-TYPE: Advanced Vehicle Image Processing and Pattern Recognition System

VECON-VLS: Vehicle Location System