Global License Plate Recognition (LPR) Solution

VECON-VIS, the flagship product of Asia Vision, is a versatile license plate recognition (LPR) system that can be applied in various business areas including intelligent traffic systems (ITS), car park and fleet management, traffic and road patrol, highway, toll, checkpoint, border security and surveillance. The system automatically detects, recognizes and verifies license plate, both alphanumeric and non-alphanumeric, of vehicles. VECON-VIS has successfully recognized the license plates of over 70 countries in multiple languages including English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Spanish and Portuguese.

Key Features & Benefits

– Cost-effective and reliable LPR solution with U.S. patented OCR technology
– Alphanumeric and non-alphanumeric LPR recognition
– High accuracy rate of recognition in various lighting conditions
– High quality images capture of vehicles and licenses plates anytime anywhere
– Remote or on-site vehicle surveillance
– Easy installation and maintenance
– Ease of integration with other systems or site management software
– Built-in database management module for vehicle information and reporting
– Real time images searching and retrieval

Wide Range of Applications

– Automated toll collection point operation
– Road, highway and traffic law enforcement and surveillance
– Fleet management for shuttle bus stations and vehicle depots
– Vehicle parking validation for commercial buildings and car park facilities
– Vehicles’ access control and security management for restricted and residential areas
– Border security and access control
– Gate management of container terminals

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TVB Interview Introducing the VECON-VIS system and the Robo-Eye System (Oct 1998)
TVB Interview illustrating VECON-VIS Automatic License Plate Number Recognition System (Jan 2002)
Guangdong TV interview illustrating VECON-VIS Automatic License Plate Number Recognition (Dec 2004)