Container Number Recognition System for Effective Loading and Unloading Management

VECON-THO is an automated container number recognition system which aims to enhance the operation efficiency of Yard Operations at Container Ports and Inland Container Depots (ICD). The Top Handler OCR (VECON-THO) System enables efficient and accurate container movements at yard and quay for the ports and container terminal industries.
It automatically captures, recognizes, records, and verifies the container ID numbers during the container loading or unloading operation, ensuring accurate containers movement and streamlining the operation at the yard. The system is able to perform under harsh conditions found in the marine terminal environment. It can be remotely monitored and/or controlled via WLAN connection.

System Operation

In the current operation, the system automatically performs real-time capture and recognition of the container number and verifies the container ID numbers when the Top Handler grabs a container. At the same time, the collected data is transferred to the back end system through wireless LAN.

Key Features & Benefits

– Real-time automated recognition and verification of container numbers while loading/unloading
– High accuracy rate of 95% with processing time within 5 seconds
– Use GigE camera to increase image quality and thus increase the system accuracy
– Support various container sizes’ recognitions: ISO Standard 20, 40, 45 & 48 feet long
– Communicate with a Programmable Logic Controller for container information
– Support various sequence of container numbers recognitions: horizontal and vertical aligned; single, double, triple and quadruple lines
– Real-time movable container number recognition solution
– Enhance container movement’s efficiency at the yard


– Container movement and logistics at terminals
– Container loading/unloading management
– Containers yard planning
– Container inventory management

Technical Requirements

– Industrial Computer
– High-resolution Color Digital Camera
– Industrial flash light
– Robust camera housing

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