Dachan Bay Intelligent Tally System UAT was completed on October 27, 2017

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Dachan Bay Intelligent project UAT was completed on October 27, 2017, it was highly appreciated by partners and end user.

Dachan Bay Intelligent Tally Operation System (Phase I)

Based on previous experiences and lessons learnt from Hairun Port, we provide the total solution which includes container number recognition, license plate number recognition, truck head number recognition, ISO number recognition and images capturing for container damage inspection. It also provides bay position verification for loading and unloading confirmation. This total solution reduces the manpower of tally operation by 75%.
12 quay cranes applying with this solution has been successfully integrated with Navis N4 and CTS which is the mainstream Tally Operation System in China. The accuracy rate of container number is above 98%, and license plate number is above 97%.

VECON-QUAY CRANE (Intelligent Tally)

This system automatically recognizes, records, and verifies the container ID number, ISO code, DG label and bay position of the container during its loading or unloading operations. It also ensures accurate on-site container movement and streamlines operation at quay.
The system powered by our latest VECON container number recognition, container damage inspection and bay position verification technology is more cost-efficient, fast, accurate and reliable than other models. Another key advantage is its comparability with mainstream Host/Terminal Operating System (TOS).
Key Features:

  • Support all standard ISO containers
  • High accuracy rate (up to 99%)
  • Real-time automated recognition, verification without sacrificing normal operations
  • Capture images of five panels for container damage inspection
  • Real-time bay position verification
  • DG label recognition on containers
  • Container real-time tracking
  • Integration with the PLC and mainstream TOS
  • Install cameras on the sill beams and portal beams
  • Reduce misplacement
  • Minimize outdoor manual labor
  • Reduce errors and safety issues

Asia Vision to Announce Replacement for the VECON-VISPARK Camera

VISPARK-IP-CAM has been EOL since October 2017.
Asia Vision Technology (AVT) is honored to announce VISPARK-CAM N2 as the replacement model of VISPARK-IP-CAM, and it would be available for per-ordering by November 2017.
VISPARK-CAM N2, standing for “VISPARK Camera Next-Generation”, is a new enhanced addition to AVT series of cameras.

Key features include:

 Equipped with IR Lens with adjustable focus, covering up to 3 parking lots
 Support up to 3 LED indicators (7 colors), independently controlled
 Come with 2 versions N2H (Hub-to-hub) & N2P (POE) to allow maximum site-installation flexibility
 Neat outlook with IP66 rating
 Faster Processing speed
 High resolution output
 Support video stream
 Support motion detection alarm function (can set multiple areas and sensitivity) and sensor alarm function
 Capture and record images while monitoring
 Automatic recovery with network reconnects function when the network disconnects
 Power efficient LED, high brightness low power
AVT to announce replacement for the VISPARK Camera

“Moving ahead with a new beginning” ——A Ceremony for the new Asia Vision Technology Hong Kong office

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On January 6 2017,  a simple yet meaningful ceremony was held at the new Asia Vision Technology Hong Kong office, to inaugurate the opening of the new office and celebrate the embarking of the new year of 2017. Company chairman Dr. John Lee, Mrs. Lee, general manger Ms Kira Miao,  Chief Technology officer Mr. Ken Wong and the staff from Hong Kong and China have all taken part this meaningful event. The company also had the honor of having one of our shareholders, Mr. Joe Lau; fly all the way back from overseas to participate this event.
“Moving into the new office marks another new era of the company”, says Dr. Lee. It has been a miracle that since its establishment in year 1997, AVT has overcome many challenges and survived in the World economy crisis. The company has stood firm until today and has been able to cope with the fast moving technology industry. Now in this new era, though there are countless competitors in the market, AVT remains in the most reputable leader position in the OCR industry.  As Dr. Lee said, he has really experienced the presence of God in years with AVT.

“By encountering the challenges in the forthcoming years in addition to the advantages of our OCR technology, we will continue to develop advanced technology, we also need  to develop  more new applications to meet the need of our customers.”  Mr. Wong said .
“To serve the community with our science and technology will be our consistent responsibility”, expresses Mr. Lau.
The ceremony and speeches were followed by a light cocktail party. The officers, directors and staff all get together to enjoy the food, drinks , conversations, expectation sharing, opinions and wishes of the New Year.  It was a good occasion for everyone to get to know each other better and also to help improve the cohesion of the team.
We hope the Asian Vision family will work together to strive for successes in this new era of the company.

Sep 1: The Inauguration of Da Chan Bay Quayside OCR (Crane Number Recognition System) & Intelligent Tally System                           

The Da Chan Bay Quay Side OCR Intelligent Tally System project progressed successfully as scheduled and the installation of equipment and system for the first of the twelve quay cranes completed and ready to go live in November.  AVT Chairman Dr. John Lee, Senior Officials of the Shenzhen Tally Company, the Managing Director of Da Chan Bay Container Terminal officially inaugurated the project.
This project marks another milestone of Asia vision, by providing Quayside OCR & Tally System to help the terminal operator to improve shipside operation efficiency and productivity after the live operation of 8 quay cranes in Xiamen Hairun Container Terminal.

Asia Vision won the “2014 China Top Ten Outstanding Enterprise of Electronic Police Industry” Award

On March 18, 2015, an event was hosted by the China Transportation Technology Network (Trannbs), “2014 China Top Ten Outstanding Enterprise of Electronic Police Industry” award was organized in Beijing Wanshou Hotel.
“Trannbs” has established Intelligent Transportation Industry core database since 2008. “Trannbs” established industry models and selected the final result of annual ranking based on the corporate performance, corporate annual return, number of projects and number of cities of the projects.

2015-06-11 The 4th Shen Zhen International Intelligent Transport System and Location Based Service Exp

Location: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, China
Date: 2015-06-24 ~ 26
Booth Number: Booth 8C16, Hall 8

ITS Expo is the largest professional event of intelligent transport in Asia.
Come and visit us at our booth. Let us show you how AVT´sVECON products can help you to effectively manage your business areas.
We look forward to seeing you there!
For enquires of the event, AVT products and solutions, please email to info88@asiavision.com.hk
For more information of the expo, please visit http://www.its-expo.com