Dachan Bay Intelligent project has completed UAT on October 27

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Dachan Bay Intelligent project has completed UAT on October 27, it was highly appreciated by partners and end user.

Dachan Bay Intelligent Tally Operation System (Phase I)

Based on previous experiences and lessons learnt from Hairun Port, we provide the total solution which includes container number recognition, license plate number recognition, truck head number recognition, ISO number recognition and images capturing for container damage inspection. It also provides bay position verification for loading and unloading confirmation. This total solution reduces the manpower of tally operation by 75%.
12 quay cranes applying with this solution has been successfully integrated with Navis N4 and CTS which is the mainstream Tally Operation System in China. The accuracy rate of container number is above 98%, and license plate number is above 97%.

VECON-QUAY CRANE (Intelligent Tally)

This system automatically recognizes, records, and verifies the container ID number, ISO code, DG label and bay position of the container during its loading or unloading operations. It also ensures accurate on-site container movement and streamlines operation at quay.
The system powered by our latest VECON container number recognition, container damage inspection and bay position verification technology is more cost-efficient, fast, accurate and reliable than other models. Another key advantage is its comparability with mainstream Host/Terminal Operating System (TOS).
Key Features:

  • Support all standard ISO containers
  • High accuracy rate (up to 99%)
  • Real-time automated recognition, verification without sacrificing normal operations
  • Capture images of five panels for container damage inspection
  • Real-time bay position verification
  • DG label recognition on containers
  • Container real-time tracking
  • Integration with the PLC and mainstream TOS
  • Install cameras on the sill beams and portal beams
  • Reduce misplacement
  • Minimize outdoor manual labor
  • Reduce errors and safety issues